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Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability (IRPS)

Mesabi Outdoor Adventures is operated entirely by volunteers as a non-profit, although we are not a 501(3)(c).  The fiscal sponsorship provided by The Iron Range Partnership For Sustainability allows us to fundraise in a non-profit capacity.  

In 2019, The Blandin Foundation granted Mesabi Outdoor 

Adventures $3,000 for marketing and brand development to help reach more people. 

Blandin Foundation 
Essentia Health Virginia

In 2019, Essentia Health granted Mesabi Outdoor Adventures $4,800 for equipment and development resources to reach more people in the community.  

Indiegogo Crowdfunding for Canoes and Kayaks 

From Nov. 15th-Dec. 15th 2019, we sold we sold t-shirts and stickers through a crowdfunding platform called indiegogo to raise money to buy canoes and kayaks for the program. We raised $3,535 for this effort.  Special thanks to several businesses for contributing at a higher level to help us reach the goal.  They are Northern State Bank, Waschke Family Dealerships, and Ritchie's Machine. 


Ritchie's Machine